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This resort, known as the "Pearl of the Lake", captivates visitors not only with its mild, Mediterranean climate but also with its stunning location. Bellagio stands at the intersection of the three branches of this "y" shaped lake (the Lario triangle), at the tip of the peninsula separating the lake`s two southern arms. Throughout the ages, Bellagio has been a desirable location – more than 2000 years ago the small town, which is 229 m above sea level, was founded by the Romans. More recently, due to the extraordinary beauty of the area, many stately and palatial villas were built here.

It is certainly worth visiting the fine water front with its palaces, villas, cosy cafes and, of course, the boats` landing stage. Here, once again, beautiful buildings abound - for example, the parish church of St Jacob (Basilica San Giacomo) which is of Roman origin.

Those who love gardens will find it impossible not to visit to the Villa Serbelloni (15th to 17th century) and the early 19th century Villa Melzi. Their beautiful parklands, with statuesque cypress trees and much-vaunted azaleas, roses, camellias and rhododendrons, can be counted as two of the most beautiful gardens in Italy.

Take a tour through the picturesque little town and discover the old fishing village with its colourfully painted houses and steep, narrow alleyways. Stroll past the typical Lombardy Trattorias, restaurants, pizzerias and pretty boutiques and small shops all inviting you to linger and stay awhile.

Wherever you walk, you will find that you are never far from the walls of the old town. Although an intrinsic part of Bellagio’s charm, they are also a reminder that this was a fortified settlement during the Middle Ages.

The highlight of a visit to Bellagio is the view from the most northerly point of the peninsula, the so-called ‘Punta di Spartivento’ (the place on which the wind separates). At this point, one of the most beautiful panoramic views of Lake Como, from Tremezzo to the opposite western cost of the lake, is before you - all framed by the glorious mountain scenery.

Within the vicinity of Bellagio, the following destinations are well worth a visit: Basilica San Giacomo, Basilica San Giorgio, Parco Villa Serbelloni, Villa Melzi, Punta de Spartivento, Grotta Assurra, and Monte San Primo with its wonderful panoramic vista and superb hiking and walking trails.

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