Holiday properties - monthly or yearly

South of the Alps where....

...The sun shines longer,
....Spring starts at the end of February,
...Autumn also has mild, warm days in November,
...Winter offers special sunshine days,
... you will find Italian fashion and designers’ homes,
... perhaps you will want to live forever.

Here you can inexpensively rent well-maintained holiday houses and apartments over a long term period. Take time to relax: see just how comfortable you are living south of the Alps and you can then, in peace and quiet, look for your ideal property.
It is possible to rent almost all the properties over a long term period:

For once, would you like to relax and unwind on Lake Como for longer than three weeks? Perhaps you want to write a book or paint a picture. Maybe you have to work in the area or would you like, just simply, to enjoy the mild climate for a few months?

Please call us - take advantage of the many favourable long term rentals offered by our property owners.

Lake Como – holiday properties for long term rental

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